8 Quick Ways to Make Your ATV, UTV and Dirt Bike Faster

So, if you are wondering how to make ATV, UTV and Dirt Bike faster, read along to know the answer.

Dirt biking is an incredible adventure sport for the adrenaline junky in you! So, if you haven’t taken a plunge into this sport, wait no more. Not only will you be able to live your life to the fullest while speeding across the desert on an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), you will also be able to make a few good bucks out of it. Yes, with the increasing popularity of this off-roading sport, several organizations are organizing races and tournaments in which winners are awarded hefty prizes.

Believe us, the huge sums of money offered to the winners are motivation enough to take your dirt biking experience to the next level and become a pro. However, the first question that strikes the mind when considering advanced races is the speed. Since ATV, UTV and Dirt Bike aren’t very fast, generally, they can always be customized.

#1: Maintain the Air Filters

Since you are riding on the dirt, its components such as twigs, grass blades, mud, rocks, and bugs are bound to get stuck into your air filters. Therefore, your first concern should be to rid them of all the impurities for the proper functioning of your bike.

The cleaner the air filter is, the more air will enter the combustion chamber of the engine, giving the bike all the power it needs to run. Else, the flow of air will get restricted, reducing the amount of gas drawn by the engine. This will ultimately lead to poor pick-up, which is certainly not advisable for the race. Hence, it is always a good practice to check the air filters thoroughly before participating in any race.

Also, you can change the basic air filters, your bike comes with, with the professional quality equipment such as K & N Air Filter. Most professional riders swear by the effectiveness of this filter in boosting the horsepower and acceleration of an ATV. Not to mention that it filters all the impurities before they can reach the engine and make your bike slow.

#2: Add Nerf Bars for Better Performance

Well, at first, it might feel like accessorizing the ATV with the Nerf Bars rather than adding to its speed. However, little do we know and understand that if we have better control over the vehicle, we will be able to ride it faster and with more precision.

Thus, by adding wider and more comfortable Performance-Quality Nerf Bars, the rider’ s grip on the bike will improve, imparting enough confidence in them to hold on to the bike as it strides through the most difficult turns with seamless efforts.

Nerf bars are light-weight and protect the rider from encountering injuries too. They make sure that the rider’s feet are comfortably planted on the bars so that they do not get caught between the tires or hit the ground. Moreover, there are little chances of two bikes colliding with Nerf bars on them.

#3: Replace the Regular Brakes

When off-roading on difficult terrains, the braking system takes the big hit because the brake pads lose their grip by the end of the trail. Therefore, you should replace the OEM brake pads with the ones designed for MX. They provide better grip and control to the rider.

MX brakes are sturdier and allow you to stop suddenly so that you do not bump into one of your fellow riders. For this, you can either opt for organic brake pads or sintered pads.

Made up of glass, rubber, resins, and Kevlar, organic brake pads are softer and more resilient towards the heat and pressure of races. Plus, these long-lasting pads can be disposed off easily, protecting the environment.

Organic pads do not release much dust when you apply the brakes, either, enabling you to make a smoother stop and turns when required.

However, Sintered pads are your thing if you are looking for a pair that can resist the extremes of an advanced race. They are a fusion of different metallic compounds, resulting in high-performance pads that are perfect for dealing with friction.

The braking bite they produce is incomparable. Then again, they can harm your rotors. So, it is vital to get the rotors checked every now and then for a perfect grip.

#4: Perform Tire Pressure and Tire Check

how to make ATV faster

Dirt bike top speed can only be achieved when the tires are in great shape, and the tire pressure is in your favor. If not, you can lose the race with a margin of seconds.

Its tire pressure determines the traction, handling, and ride quality of an ATV. So, you should make sure that it is well within the limit specified by the manufacturer. While you can exceed the basic pressure by a couple of pounds to gain the necessary bounce for the race, if you go past the limit more than that, you will end up with an overly stiff ride with no added benefits.

You should also understand that if the pressure is low, the tire will have to bear wear and tear while you will run the risk of falling down and injuring yourself.

We would advise you to keep the tire a little firm so that it can help you dodge all the dirt, rocks, and debris that come your way as you make swift turns. Also, keep the pressure in both the tires balanced for a better stride.

Now that we have discussed tire pressure, tires are the next thing on the list to make your ATV, UTV and Dirt Bike faster. Generally, people look at the overall tire for deciding whether it is fit for a particular kind of terrain or not, but the core of the tire lies in its tread.

A good racing tire is the one with most surface area and a good grip on the ground. The tread of the rear tires should have a staggered pattern on them so that the bike stays in contact with the ground, providing the rider better control. As for the front tire, its tread is more streamlined, which goes through the center to allow the rider to cut through the terrain. Then again, its sides should be equipped with detailed treading for enhanced ground contact.

#5: Switch to high-quality octane gasoline

For better speed, a gasoline-run vehicle must be fueled with high-quality octane gasoline that has more explosive power and is more efficient. The lead in this type of gasoline is not very environment-friendly, but its lead content will lube your engine, keeping it comparatively cooler throughout the race.

#6: Upgrade the Exhaust System

If you are looking for an appealing upgrade for your ATV, which will also enhance its torque and horsepower, then it is the exhaust system. An upgraded exhaust system will reduce backpressure, allowing the engine to use all of its potential energy to the fullest.

Wondering what the upgrade means? Well, we are talking about an increased diameter of the exhaust pipes. This will decrease the backpressure by making sure that more and more air is flowing out.

For upgrading the exhaust system, you can either replace the pipe from the cylinder to the head of the muffler or use slip-on exhaust pipes for races. They are lighter, make little sound, and can be used for multiple races.

#7: Install ATV Bore Kits

You can reach the fullest potential of your engine displacement by purchasing a bore kit and installing it. With a bore kit, the surface area on the top of the piston increases, allowing it to draw larger amounts of fuel and air. Now, this mixture of fuel and air combusts in the engine, pressing the piston more forcefully. As a result of this, the tires will run faster.

When selecting the bore kit for your ATV, make sure that it is big but not too big as to protect your wheels from bearing the pressure. Added burden on the wheels can result in fewer Rotations per minute.

#8: Check the Alignment of your ATV

When you are preparing for a race, go through all the technicalities of your vehicle to make sure that everything is well-aligned. For this, begin with the chamber. Check whether your chamber is set in a slightly negative position so that it is easier for the rider to control.

Next, you can check whether the caster is positive or negative. Ideally, the caster should be tilted 5-7 degrees away from the rider and 1-3 degrees towards the rider.

Finally, the tires should be ¼ inch toe in so that the rider can maintain their balance on the ATV on the toughest of terrains.

In the end, you can look for the flaws, if any, in the suspension and gearing system of the ATV to make sure that you excel in the race. Remember, the fastest dirt bike can ride as fast as 123 km per hour. So, doubling up the speed of your ATV, UTV or Dirt Bike might not be as tough a task as you would think.

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