Best Tips for Installing New ATV and Dirt Bike Grips

Wondering about how to install bike grips? Let’s get started. Steering and balance are two fundamental aspects of driving an ATV and anything that improves these elements should always be given priority. Unexpectedly, many ATV riders ignore the role of grips plays in this.

Grips play an essential role in providing riders with better control and stability when steering and balancing on the vehicle. With that said, if you own an ATV of any kind, you must pay special attention to the grips of the vehicle.

If you think it is time that you replace your old ATV bike grips and put on the new ones, this post will guide you through the best ways to the process. In this post, we have described how to put on bike grips on your ATV and improve the steering and balance.

Installing Bike Grips

Changing your grips is a cheap, easy, and fast way to give your ATV a new look. New grips can make your ATV feel like brand new and give your hands some fresh padding. The grips on ATVs are not of the highest quality and are meant to degrade quickly, especially when used strenuously.

If taken proper care of, your ATV grips may last a maximum of one season. You will eventually have to replace them if you want to ensure proper operation.

The primary reason why people install new grips is that old grips become dirty. One way to save money on new grips is to clean them with water and detergent. But, where is the fun in that?

Removing the Old Grips

You have two options when removing the old grips. The first option is to completely cut them off with a pair of scissors or a sharp blade. If you don’t think that the old grip won’t be of any use in the future, you can follow this approach.

When cutting off the old grip, ensure that the scissors or blade you use do not damage the handlebars or put any scratch on them. Make a shallow cut and just peel the grips away.

However, if you want to preserve the old grips, then you will have to get a bit technical here. Take a small and thin rod with a pointy end – like a screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver in between the grip and the handlebar, ensuring that the grip stretched a little bit so that it doesn’t have any contact with the handlebar.

Now take a degreaser like a hand sanitizer, liquid detergent, or anything else that helps the grip to slide easily off the handlebar. Apply the degreaser around the grip to decrease the friction between the grip and the handlebar. Now slowly twist the grip in an anti-clockwise direction until it ultimately comes off the handlebar.

Once the grip is complete off, clean the handlebar thoroughly and wipe off with a clean cloth to ensure no grease or any particle is sticking to it.

Installing New Bike Grips

Now that you have removed the old grips, it is time to put on the new ones. First things first, insert a nickel into each new grip. Why? You may have noticed that the cover ends of your old grips were completely torn or damaged.

Tossing a nickel into it will keep the grips from being damaged or torn where they cover the ends of the handlebars. Since most grips are synthetic or rubber, the iron handlebar can easily wear them down.

Moreover, we also tend to poke that part of the grip oftentimes. The nickel at each end of the grip will keep it firm.

Before installing bike grips, spray some degreaser (use a product that will evaporate quickly like hair spray, hand sanitizer, etc.) into the grips. Shake out the excess (if any) and put the mouth end of the grip on the handlebar – from where it will be inserted.

Twist in a clockwise direction and slowly put some pressure to insert the grip. If you find difficulty in inserting the grip and are stuck halfway, use some lube like hand sanitizer and continue with the process until the grip is finally in its place.

Test the grip, hold it firmly and see if it gives a proper hold and padding. That’s it! This is how you install bike grips on your TV.

We recommend that you always use good-quality grips for your ATV. It will not only enhances the riding experience but also ensure that the operation is quite pleasant.

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Source: Rocky Mountain ATV MC