Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a 90cc atv

A 90cc ATV is a fun way to enjoy the off-road adventures in a safe possible manner. There is a whole range of different 90cc ATV four-wheelers available in the market to choose from. The 90cc ATVs are basically designed keeping in mind kids, as these machines provide your children with safe and enjoyable opportunities for hands-on learning.

On the other hand, 90cc ATVs are great for farm and barn chores. You can use a 90cc ATV for herding barn animals or for transporting farm goods like animal feed, etc. on a trailer behind the ATV.

Last but not least, these 90cc ATVs can be used for recreational activities by both kids and adults. And if you don’t know how to ride an ATV, a 90cc model is the best choice to get started with.

Traversing down the sand dunes, or rolling up and down hillsides, these 90cc ATVs will give you all the thrill and fun that higher-end models are known for.

If you live in a farm or live in a place with lots of outdoor space, or simply have a thing for all-terrain vehicles, it is best you get a 90cc four-wheeler, especially if you have kids.

With that said, in this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about 90cc ATV four-wheelers. This guide will help in making an informed decision if you are buying an ATV.

Let’s get started.

What is a 90cc ATV?

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An ATV is called an All-Terrain Vehicle, which is popular for off-roading adventures. 90cc is the engine designation of the ATV. 90cc four-wheeler is the lowest configuration in an ATV, and this is the reason it is usually used by amateur and beginner ATV riders, including children. 90cc engine has limited torque output and low cap on power. That means it is a low-speed ATV but with powerful performance.

The lower speed and low power of 90cc ATV give the rider the opportunity to start small and learn the basics of riding without speed, power, and risk produced by a high-end ATV. The best part, parents can control the speed of the rider. This allows them to limit the potential injuries that may occur in the learning process.

There is a whole sport built behind all-terrain vehicles, and it includes 90cc participation as well. Today, ATVs have become leisure vehicles loved by all ages. The engine tech and gear on ATVs have advanced dramatically. This tech-driven improvement in quality has resulted in the boom of 90cc ATVs in leaps and bounds over what these mean machines used to be.

The low power output of the 90cc four wheeler engines, as well as the lower speeds, give the young and beginner riders the opportunity to start out with a more suitable speed machine and learn the basics of an all-terrain vehicle without considerable risks that are innate with a full-size ATV.

The popularity of 90cc ATV machines has surged as ATV racing has become an adventure sport. Because of this, all the ATV brands manufacture different models of ATVs with various features and functionalities, including the 90cc engine size as an option. ATVs have grown to have their own target markets where age is no bound. From kids to adults, and professionals, ATVs are for all.

90cc ATV – Torque and Horsepower

As you can guess, the 90cc engine power (displacement) cannot produce high torque or horsepower. To understand the power capability of a 90cc ATV, let’s compare it with a 1.5L Honda Civic. A 1.5L Honda Civic has engine power that is more than 22 times greater than your 90cc four-wheeler.

Essentially, the bore size of an ATV’s 90cc motor is around 1.85 inches having a stroke of 2.05 inches. That means a 90cc stock engine will produce a power of 6-8 horsepower. And, if you tweak the engine a little bit (only professionals can do), the 90cc engine may produce a power of 15 horsepower.

Torque plays an important role in engine displacement. For a 90cc engine, the ATV can produce about 9-12 ft/lbs torque, which is enough to carry the machine on small hillsides and terrains. What you should know is that the torque produced at the wheels is relative to the axle gearing and transmission.

90cc ATV – Speed

When we talk about the speed of the 90cc four-wheeler, it depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the rider
  • Axle gearing
  • Transmission gearing
  • The power output of the engine

All these factors negatively or positively impact the speed of your 90cc ATV.

On average, a stock ATV with a 90cc engine can reach the top speed of around 15-18 miles per hour. This is when the factory speed restrictor is in place, and an 80-pound human is riding the machine.

By tweaking the machine, like removing the jumper or adjusting the throttle restrictor, can increase the speed of the ATV up to 33 miles per hour. With professional inspection and customizations, the top speeds can reach up to 40 miles an hour, which is quite impressive.

So, based on your requirements, you can adjust the speed setting of your 90cc ATV. That is, based on who is riding the ATV – children, adults, or larger riders, you can adjust the speed accordingly.

90cc ATV – Age Range

All-terrain vehicles are designed for all ages. That is, age is not a limiting factor when buying an ATV. However, when we talk about the 90cc ATVs, these are built and designed for inexperienced riders. With that said, the 90cc four-wheelers are best suited for kids ages 8-11. However, as discussed earlier, the machine can accommodate anyone with decent size and physique (not bulky).

Since this a starter model, we recommend any inexperienced rider to learn the basics on the 90cc model.

What are the Weight Restrictions?

Since a 90cc ATV is a smaller version of the high-end ATV model, it is meant for lighter and younger riders. This is because the limited torque and engine power produced by the 90cc engine won’t be able to move a larger adult without accelerating very slowly and bogging down.

While there is no regulated weight limit for a 90cc model as every ATV manufacturer is different, it is recommended that individuals under 120 pounds should operate this model for optimal performance and enjoyment.

Safety and Danger of 90cc ATV

As an ATV is a motorized vehicle, you will have to follow all the necessary safety measures when riding an ATV, even if it is of low power. Educating your kids about the importance of safety is important, and they can implement all the safety measures when riding an ATV.

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Tell your kids that ATVs are not toys so don’t use them as toys
  • Know where to roll – take known routes and paths, especially for kids
  • Ride sober

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