Best Led Light Bars for Your ATV, UTV and Dirt Bike That You Must Install

All-terrain vehicles or popularly called as ATVs are a type of motorized highway vehicle designed for an off-road drive. It runs on four low pressure or non-pneumatic tires with a seat and handlebars for the operator. These vehicles are ideal for kindling your adventurous side. There are different types of ATVs available in the markets that are designed for a single driver with no passenger. ATVs are generally one size fits all kind of vehicles, but there are certainly different sizes available in the market.

When it comes to ATVs accessories, there are plenty of things that you need to purchase in order to make your vehicle more functional. From grips to the covers, you have to look into different accessories that can best help your vehicle sustain its functionality. ATV light bars are one such substantial investment that you need to make on your ATV.


Why You Need ATV Light Bars?

ATVs are adventurous bikes that are used for off-road riding. You would want to ride in the night as well or in places that are dark and dingy. In such situations, you would need ample lights to see clearly and avoid accidents. An ATV light bar will help you steer through the dark with efficiency. It is essential to make a good investment by going through all the popular products in the market.

There are plenty of ATV light bars brands that are known for their credibility in the market. ATVs depend on their headlights during the night ride. Such a light source is highly essential to illuminate your path during extreme weather conditions. While your ATV would have headlights, it is always good to have an additional light source for superior protection and safe drive during the nighttime. ATV light bars are a great investment you can make on your ATV today.

If you have been traveling during night time and in extreme conditions, it is advised to have ATV light bars installed on your vehicle. Having LED light bars mounted on the front of your ATVs will prevent your vehicle from bumping or hitting rocks and trees in the dark. These lights are known to provide superior light guidance whenever required.

You can easily install and remove these lights whenever you are going for a ride. Never ignore the importance of an ATV light bar as it can make your adventurous night ride more safe and more fun. If you been struggling to find the right product for your ATV lighting, then this guide will certainly help you in making a well-informed decision.


Things To Consider Before Buying an ATV Light Bar

Just like any other product in the market, ATV light bars also need to be picked wisely. There are plenty of things that you need to consider before eyeing any product. Take a look at some prevalent factors to be considered while purchasing your ideal ATV light bar:-


From affordable to expensive, you can find ATV light bars in different price ranges. So you need to determine the ideal budget that you are willing to spend on your ATV light bar. For instance, LED lights are more expensive than regular lights. But, if you are looking for durability, LEDs are the best.


Over the past few decades, the light bulbs have witnessed tremendous evolvement, and that includes the increase in their wattage and illumination. Often lumens are confused with a wattage of the light bulb. But, it is actually the amount of light found in the bulb. When choosing an ATV light bar, you need to take its Lumens into consideration.

Beam Type

Today, you can find different types of light patterns in the light bars. Off-road driving can be challenging, and the beam type you choose can give you superior protection. You need to have a beam that can slice through the darkness and provide you significant light. For instance, the floodlight beam will provide you with broader illumination.

Mounting Bracket

Each light bar has a mounting bracket, while some are affixed, and others are rotatable. Mounting brackets are the ideal thing that you need to consider in a light bar to get control over the direction. Some of the mounting brackets are rotatable to 360 degrees, providing you a better sight of the directions.


Yet another critical factor that you need to consider while choosing your ideal light bar is its durability. You cannot certainly invest in a product that cannot provide you with efficient strength. There are plenty of products in the market that you need to filter out. Lightbars are available in different rating that determines their longevity. For instance, IP67 grade and above are considered the ideal parameter to ascertain the credibility of a light bar.


Top Picks For Best ATV Light Bars 2021

There’s no doubt in asserting that every ATV requires an efficient ATV light bar that can provide the rider with essential lighting to steer through the dark surrounding. If you make frequent night trips, then extra light support would only make your ride more comfortable and safer. Hence, it is crucial to invest in good quality ATV light bars for additional safety.

It is quite evident that a myriad of options available in the market can make you confused. Rather than ending up investing in the wrong product, take a look at some handpicked ATV light bar contenders that you can take into consideration. When you are out shopping for the best ATV light bar, don’t forget to take these options in hand.


Nilight ATV LED Light Bar

The first contender in the list is the Nilight ATV light bar, which designed for all your off-road adventures. It is highly preferred by the customers for its durability and wide range of lighting. It has become one of the top picks for plenty of obvious reasons. This ATV light bar offers 50,000 hours of illumination while on the road, which is quite mind-blowing.

It is both affordable and efficient and can overcome all sorts of terrain challenges during the night ride. This ATV bar will provide you with excellent visibility during the night. It gives pure 126W white light with hits all new and improved PC lens. This model meets all the 1068 standard of waterproof and cooling fan units.


  • Life of 50,000 hours
  • Comes with cooling fans for overheating
  • Easy to install and detach
  • Superior performance
  • Row gold wire and copper layers



There are times when you need superior lighting assistance during your off-road travel. YITAMOTOR can provide you with a great product that will go well with all your night ride requirements. It consists of a flood spot combo and polycarbonate lens that is best designed for off-road purposes. Offering a whopping 54 watts power, this ATV light bar can give you 60-degree flood beams and a 30-degree spot beam as well. What all you need from an ATV light bar? This particular light bar is an all-encompassing product that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Having a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can install this light bar on your ATV and forget about changing it regularly. It also has a waterproof rubber pad with a silicone sealing tip, allowing your full coverage in heavy rain and snow. The energy-efficient design of this light bar can effectively withstand dust and even explosions at times.


  • 54 watt with 60-degree flood light and 30-degree spot
  • Designed with aluminum alloy and hardened PC lens
  • LED bulb for power-efficient and wide illumination
  • Easy to install mount brackets
  • Lifespan or 50,000 hours


Eyourlife Curved ATV LED Light Bar

Stunning everyone with its unique curved design, Eyourlife ATV LED light is also a great pick for your light requirements. It is designed with aluminum alloy, which makes it more durable and compatible with all sorts of ATVs. It can deliver up to 288W bright light and comes with a lifespan of 30,000 hours. There two-light settings in this particular LED light bar: flood and spot.

Floodlight comes as highly beneficial assistance during night ATV rides, offering a wide 60-degree flood beam. The spotlight set is more energy-efficient and offers a 30-degree spot beam. This particular model has a 52 inches mount brackets made with tough stainless steel providing external protection for the light bar. It comes with an unbreakable PC lens offering maximum illumination and prevents dust collection as well.


  • 288W beam light in two settings: floor and spot
  • Durable raw aluminum alloy preventing overheating
  • Curbed design for broad illumination
  • Stainless steel mount brackets (52 inches)
  • The lifespan of 30,000 hours


POWLAB Triple Row ATV LED Light Bar

Sometimes you need an all-encompassing light bar that can suffice all the light requirements. This particular POWLAB Triple Row LED light bar is just the right pick for you. Offering high density illumination with the help of spot and flood beams, this LED light bar has got some impressive features to stun you. It offers 144W white pure light through a 10-degree spot beam and a whopping 150-degree flood beam.

POWLAB Triple Row is an excellent option for traveling in extreme weather conditions as the wide range of illumination will provide you with excellent light assistance. The combo of the spot ad beam light is ideal for riding on narrow and dark terrain with full confidence. This particular model is designed with die-cast aluminum preventing overheating. It also has a polycarbonate lens compatible with all sorts of ATVs.


  • 144W with 10-degree spot and 150-degree flood beam
  • Wide illumination with broad reflective plate
  • Comes with IP67 seal for dust and water resistance
  • The lifespan of 50,000 hours


Auxbeam ATV LED Lights

Auxbeam is yet another great name for the ATV LED lights. It is an ideal light bar that you can consider for your ATV. Offering 72 watts and 7200 lumens of white light, this ATV light can illuminate up to the long distance. There are plenty of other impressive features of this Auxbeam product that you can take into consideration for making your purchase fruitful. Each bar comprises of rows of spot and flood beams that provide you with high-efficiency illumination.

Though it falls back on its lifespan of just 30,000 hours, it is well compensated with its lumen quantity. The combination of the flood and spot beam is perfect for the ideal visibility and promotes a safer and confident ride. You can easily control the direction and position of the light bar with the help of mounting brackets made of aluminum. The light bar also comprises of LED chips that are energy efficient and can provide you with efficient light assistance for a long-distance drive.


  • 72W white light with 60-degree flood beam and 30-degree spot beam.
  • IP67 rating for a waterproof design
  • The lifespan of 30,000 hours
  • A quick cooling heat sink
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets


The Bottom Line

You cannot certainly ignore the importance of an ATV light bar in your vehicle. Steering you towards the right direction and providing you superior light assistance in the night rides, ATV light bars are highly essential AT accessory that you need to buy right after purchasing your ATV. There are plenty of products available in the market that you can probably choose from.

The above mentioned was a quick guide on picking up your ideal ATV light bars, and top picks for ATV light bar 2020. It is always important to do your own research and choose a perfect product that adheres to your requirements. Compare the above-mentioned products against your needs and decide which will be best suited for your ATV.

Never ignore the need for an ATV light bar. Whether you are riding in the night or in extreme weather conditions, a little extra light assistance will only protect you from any mishappening.