The Ultimate Guide For Buying The Best ATV Gun Racks

All-terrain vehicles have been in existence for quite a long time. These adventurous vehicles are used for several purposes. Initially, they were used for agricultural processes, due to their high speed and low footprint. All-terrain vehicles are made on low-pressure tires and have a seat for the operator. Two handlebars are rightly placing for the steering control.

When you bring home an ATV, there are plenty of things that you need to take care of in order to make the most of this vehicle. Firstly, you need to determine how and where you are going to use the vehicle. Generally, ATVs are used by adrenaline junkies who are looking for some adventurous delight with off rod riding while others have pretty serious requirements with their ATVs. Either way, you need to equip your ATV with all the necessary equipment and accessories to make it more functional. There are several things that your ATV needs to accommodate to make it an all-encompassing vehicle.


Why You Need An ATV Gun Rack?

There are many people who use their ATVs for hunting purposes. People love going hunting on their ATVs. You cannot possibly imagine carrying your shotgun or riffle all through the woods. When you are planning to hunt on your ATV, you would definitely need the best ATV gun rack. It is essential to understand that gun rack is a special compartment or holder on your ATV that can safely keep your guns. There are plenty of gun rack options available in the market that can compete for the best ATV gun racks. It depends on you as a customer to narrow down the options and find the best gun rack for your ATV.

There’s no denying the fact that your ATV would require a gun rack if you are going on a journey that needs to keep weapons in handy. Whether you are going hunting or traveling through precarious jungle woods, you must have ATV gun rack to keep your guns close.


How To Find The Best Gun Rack For Your ATV?

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ATV gun rack options available in the market in different types and styles and serving different purposes. It depends on making the right choice by measuring the product on several parameters. If you have been on a lookout for the best ATV gun racks, take a look at some essential factors you need to consider before making a choice: –


One of the essential features that you must look into the gun rack first is its capacity. There are some racks that only accommodate a single gun, while there are many that take up to two to fours guns at a time. You need to decide your priorities before selecting the capacity of your gun rack. Also, check the weight capacity of the gun rack as well in order to prevent overloading.

Mounting System

Every ATV gun rack has a different mounting system that makes it distinctive from the others. When you are selecting your gun rack, you need to ensure whether they can be mounted on our vehicle or not. Purchasing a rack with two clamps is the deal way to remain safe with your choice. You can easily install each clamp anywhere on your vehicle.

Protection Level

A majority of the gun racks available in the market have a certain degree of built-in protection that makes your guns safe. The level of security can be determined on the two different factors: you are planning to go on rough terrain and whether you got a soft case. In both cases, you would require high quality and protected gun rack. You can go for the ones that provide anti-shock protection on the terrain rides.


One of the essential factors that you cannot skip is the durability of your gun rack. You cannot possibly afford to invest in a gun rack that would hardly last a few months. You need to go for more durable and high-quality brands that last long. Also, durability is a necessary criterion to look for while you are riding on rocky terrain.


The style of gun racks depends on different preferences and purposes. Some people prefer carrying gun racks with 2x4s and brackets while others have distinctive choices with their style. When it comes to the style of the gun rack according to your preferences.


You can find gun racks in different price ranges. Hence, it is important to determine your budget before going out shopping for the ideal gun rack for your ATV. You need to prioritize your needs while setting the budget for your ATV gun rack. If you hardly use your gun rack, then investing in affordable one would be a smart move.


Top Picks For The Best ATV Gun Rack

You might find it challenging to find the ideal gun rack for your ATV among the abundance of options available in the market. Don’t put yourself in a confusing situation and delve into some of the popular picks for best ATV gun racks that you can take into your consideration.

Don’t forget that the final decision is yours, and you need to filter the options and gauge them against your parameters before making a purchase decision.

Kolpin Rhino Grip ATV Gun Rack

One of the popular names in the list of ATV gun racks is Kolpin Rhino. Providing you with an offset storage mounting maximizing your storage capacity, this Kolpin Rhino product is definitely a must-pick. It comprises of flexible rubber grips that can carry around 15 pounds of weight. This amazing ATV gun rack is primarily designed to protect your guns from the rough terrain rides. The heavy-duty design of the gun racks keeps the guns safely in a cushioned position. Not just for guns, you can use this versatile rack for transporting bows, agricultural tools, and other gears as well.


  • An offset storage mounting
  • Loads up to 15 pounds
  • Durable rubber material
  • Ideal for all kinds of ATVs, SUVs, UTVs and more
  • Easy to mount and take off
  • Superior protection from shocks and jolts on the terrain
  • Firm grip to ensure safety


ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip ATV Gun Rack

Yet another amazing product in the line is from ATV Tek, a premium manufacturer of ATV accessories. You can find plenty of useful accessories from ATV Teach that will be worth your money. The heavy-duty 4-wheeler gun rack from ATV Tek rightly abides by all your requirements. It has a unique V grip mechanism, which is the major highlight of this product. It offers a customizable grip for different grips. You can easily keep the bare guns on this rack and support firearms as well. It comprises of V clamps that offer 360-degree rotation to keep all sized weapons and equipment. The Air Tek Technology is yet another takeaway of this product that efficiently absorbs the vibrations and shock.


  • Adjustable rack
  • V grips mechanism
  • Ideal for hard guns and hard/soft cases
  • Clamps having 360-degree rotation
  • Additional bow slot
  • Advanced suspension system
  • Low profile for better efficiency and aerodynamics
  • Easy to integrate


Big Sky SBR-2G ATV Gun Rack

The next product that has earned the place in the list with its eminent features is from Big Sky. Offering convenient and amazing storage solutions for almost every and heavy-duty four-wheelers, Big Sky can surprise you with its quality features. The unique telescopic design gives the opportunity to keep a wide range of tools. The padded brackets can be easily secured at different locations according to your preferences. Nylon straps on the gun rack secured the perfect grip. There’s nothing you have to worry about when you have this product installed on your ATV. You can easily install them on your ATV to keep it tidy.


  • Ideal for all ATVs, trucks, vans, and more
  • Telescopic design to accommodate a wide range of tools
  • Padded brackets
  • Nylon straps to hold the equipment
  • Secures your guns from shock and jolts on the terrain
  • Ideal for ceiling mounting as well


Kolpin UTV ATV Gun Rack

Kolpin has yet again garnered a spot on the list with its efficient UTV ATV gun rack adhering to all your storage requirements. It is one of the space-saving gun racks you would find in the market. This gun rack has a vertical design that makes it more space-efficient. The gun rack is made with heavy-duty, over-molded rubber that offers a firm grip on the equipment. The rubber is shaped into the V-shaped blocks supporting the gun and the rubber strap holding it in place. Everything about this Kolpin gun rack is unique that makes it the ideal choice among the customers. The rack has a 360-degree rotation allowing you to access it from every side.


  • Vertical mounting
  • Suitable for all ATVs and UTVs
  • Designed from over-molded and heavy-duty rubber
  • V-shaped grips
  • Durable rubber straps for protection
  • Shock and vibration protection
  • Can hold up to two guns in a single go


Polaris Ranger Quick-Draw ATV Gun Rack

Yet another impressive product on the list is Polaris Ranger. It is one of the popular names in the market when it comes to off-road vehicle accessories. They have established their credibility in the market with their quality products. This particular ATV gun rack can be easily installed underside of your vehicle. Each rack from Polaris Range can support up to two guns at a time. It has soft rubber clips that hold the gun firmly at the place. This amazing gun rack can keep your firearms secured from the damage caused by the rocky terrain ride. The rubber used to hold the guns can efficiently absorb all the shocks and vibrations. The Velcro straps are designed to facilitate easy mount and removal of the gun. You can easily enjoy your terrain ride with this Polari Range product, which is ideal for ATV and UTV vehicles as well.


  • Ceiling and underside mounted gun rack
  • Highly compatible with types of ATVs and UTVs
  • Soft rubber clips to firmly hold the guns without any damage
  • Rubber doubles for shock absorption
  • Velcro strips for easy access


ATV Tek FlexGRip Pro ATV Gun Rack

Yet again, the ATV Tek has found a place in the list with its FlexGrip Pro-gun rack specifically designed for all sorts of ATVs. It is available in both single and double versions that you can choose according to your transportation requirements. It has four clamps that are mounted on the telescopic pole. The design of this amazing gun rack will allow you to adjust the distance between the clamps to accommodate more equipment easily. No matter what you place in the rack, you can rest assured that your equipment is safe. The braces are large, and hence they provide superior protection from vibrations and shock.


  • Available in a double and single size
  • Adjustable clamps to store a wide range of tools
  • Large clamps for vibration protection
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low profile ideally made for ATVs


The Bottom Line

All the ATV riders must be aware of the fact that your vehicle is incomplete without adding the right accompaniments. From the gear to grip, there are plenty of things that you need to equip your ATV with. If you are a hunting enthusiasts and love riding on your ATV with your pals, then you would definitely need an ATV gun rack, which helps you hold the gun.

You cannot simply deny the importance of ATV gun racks. If you are into hunting, you would know how challenging it can be to transport guns. It is essential to find a reliable way to transport your firearms to the hunting spot to ensure your safety and health. It is true that you cannot carry them in your hands. Hence, you would need an ATV gun rack for that purpose. These are smart holders or devices specially made for off-road drivers to carry their guns conveniently.

It is vital to get hands-on with the ideal product by making a well-informed decision. The above-mentioned guide will undoubtedly help you remind the best features of a gun rack and some top picks that you can ponder over.