Best ATV Grips 2021 Ensuring A Safe And Comforting Ride

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a frequent traveler, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) would excite anyone. It is a motorized off-highway vehicle that is generally used in adventurous activities and designed to roll across four low-pressure tires with a seat for the operator and handlebars to control the steering.

There are plenty of things that you need to manage while operating an ATV. A slight mistake can lead to severe injuries and loss. Though the safety guidelines are given by the manufacturer, they advise the drivers to operate the ATV that is intended for their age. Not all ATVs are meant for all age group. There are certain ATVs that can be only attained once you reach a certain age.


What Are ATV Grips?

It is quite evident that you need physical power to control the handlebar for steering the ATV in the right direction. ATV grips are the additional support you can install on your handlebar for better ad superior grip. Riding on the ATV can be bumpy and dangerous, and you cannot afford to lose your control over a terrain. Hence, ATC grips are essential accompaniments that you can use to get a firm hold on the ATV. There are plenty of ATV grips that are available in the market.

You just need to determine your needs and get hands-on the ideal ATV for your needs. ATV grips are also called ATV hand grips as they provide the perfect to your hands on the handlebars. They are installed on the ATV handlebars to make your riding experience more comfortable and safe. ATV grips are not only meant to provide a flexible and sweat-free grip on the handlebars, but they also cushion your hands from the riding vibrations that can cause sensations in your fingers.


Why Are ATV Grips So Essential?

You cannot compromise with your safety while riding on ATVs, can you? Probably not. You need to keep your body balanced while you are riding along with a firm hold on the handlebars for safe steering. Steering the handlebar without a proper gripping object can make you lose the grip after a while and create discomfort during the ride.

This way, your negligence can lead to injuries and accidents. Hence, it is essential to install ATV grips on the handlebars and make the best use of these gripping products for a safer ride. The right pair of grip can make your trip memorable, comfortable and safe from the mishaps. If you don’t use an ATV grip while riding it can lead to damaging the vehicle and your body as well. It is also essential to regularly change your ATV grip at regular intervals, as riding with a broken grip is equals to riding with none.

There are plenty of ATV grips available in the markets that are designed for different purposes and preferences. It is necessary to find the best pair of ATV grips from the full range of products to make sure you get hands-on your ideal ATV grip for your handlebar.

Finding the right pair of ATV grips that best suits your riding requirements can be challenging if you are not aware of the right way to go about it. Your riding style also plays a key role in determining the type of ATV grips you need.

Each ATV grips has its own perks and demerits that makes it ideal or non-functional for your distinctive purposes. Back 80’s and 90’s the ATVs purchased from the reputed showrooms came along with grips that could be only used for that particular ATV. Over the years, with the evolving technology, it was found that different ATV grips can be used for different riding styles and ATVs. That’s when companies started to manufacture ATV grips along with the vehicles.

Today, you can find numerous ATV grips in the market with different style and features for additional grip and comfort on the handlebar. Over the period of 20 years, manufacturers have fine-tuned the features and specifications of to overcome the common difficulties while handling the handlebars such as sweat, mud, dirt, etc.


Different ATV Grips That You Must Be Aware Of

If you are planning to buy an ATV soon, then you must invest in quality ATV grips for superior protection and comfort while riding on the ATV. When you are out buying the perfect ATV grips for your handlebar, it is essential to understand that there are different types of grips available in the market that you must be aware of. ATV grips can be segregated into two major categories which are either based on their design or their installation on the handlebars. Each ATV grips comprises a unique set of advantages and disadvantages that makes them popular among the customers.

Take a look at some common ATV grip types that you should take into consideration to decide which grip would be ideal for your riding needs:-

Based on Design

  • Waffle Pattern: It is one of the common ATV grip styles which provides additional grip on the handlebar. Waffle pattern grips come with multiple peaks and bumps that allow you hand creases to get a firm hold on the grips. They are smaller in dimension and have little compression making it an ideal pick for younger riders.
  • Pillow Top Pattern: A popular choice among the sports and race quad owners. This type of ATV grip got its name from the pads on the grip that resembles small pillows. These grips use softer rubber and have more compression than the waffle pattern. You might find the pillow top pattern a bit expensive than the other, but the product is worth your investment.
  • Padded Top Pattern: Yet another ATV grip style that is a combination of waffle and pillow top pattern, the padded top is more like a cushioned grip with a medium rubber compound. There are small spaces between the pads that act like the waffle pattern. The combined features of both waffle and pillow top pattern make this ATV grip style ideal for racing and utility riding.

Based on installation

  • Slip-On: Slip-on ATV grips are exactly what their name implies, they are installed on the handlebars by slipping them on. It is the most common type of TV grips that are easy to get a firm hold. You might find it little difficult to install and replace the grips, but the versatility and cost of these grips are undoubtedly commendable.
  • Lock-on: Lock on ATV grips also uses friction to affix them on the handlebars, but the friction is only exerted on the outer part of the grip. Compared to the slip-on ones, these are much easier to install and replace whenever needed. These types of grips are best to get the firm hold on the handlebars.


Tips For Buying Your Ideal ATV Grips

As mentioned above, there are different ATV grips styles available in the market according to their grip and affixation. Hence, it becomes quite daunting to get hands-on the ideal product. To avoid the confusion and emerge as a smart buyer, you need to look into some factors that would help you buy the best product. There are plenty of things that go into buying quality ATV grips for your needs. Take a look at some factors that you must consider before starting your purchase journey:-

Determine Your Requirements

The first and foremost step to locate the best ATV grip is to determine your riding style. Each ATV grips style is made for different riding style. So, first, you need to ascertain your requirement before purchasing the ATV grips.

Features You Want

Every ATV grips have a set of features that makes it distinctive from the others. You would need to ensure different features provided by the ATV grips before making a purchase decision. Whether you want an anti-slip, or sweat free ATV grip, it’s the features that you need to look into.

Type Of ATV Grips

ATV grips are available in different types, such as waffle pattern, padded pattern, and pillow-top pattern. Each pattern has its own features that make it an ideal pick; you would need to understand which ATV grip pattern according to your riding endeavors.

Lookout For Reviews

To get hands-on with the ideal product, you also need to look into the reviews of a particular product. When you are researching the product, it is essential to pay attention to the reviews in order to learn about customers’ past experience with a particular product.


Not all ATV grips are expensive or affordable, so it’s better to set aside a budget that can be used to buy ATV grips. When you plan to buy ATV, it is important to invest in the ATV grips along with it. This way, you can avoid making a different budget for the ATV grips.


There are different brands that make ATV grips for the customers. You can find plenty of names in the market that you must be acquainted with. It is important to locate the most reputable brands in the market who have established their credibility in the market.

Personal Preference

Just like the purpose of ATV grips is vital to make a well-informed decision; taking your personal preference into consideration is also essential to make a well-informed decision. As an ATV rider, you must have your personal choices and preferences that you need to make to enjoy your ride. You can choose your ideal ATV grip according to your personal style as well.


Best ATV Grips Picks 2021

Now that you have learned about all the important details regarding ATV grips, it is time to get acquainted with some of the best picks for ATV grips that are currently doing rounds in the market. These ATV grips have a set of pros and cons that you can gauge against their peers to make a well-informed decision.

The wide range of ATV grips products available in the market can confuse you. Take a look at the below mentioned best ATV grip picks that you can probably think about.


Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip

No matter how much power-packed motor you ride, this Pro Taper product will provide you with a high-quality grip on the handlebars. Pro Taper ATV grip is used in professional motocross motorcycle. It has a pillow top grip that offers a cushiony comfort for your hands. It is designed to be thicker, smoother, and softer on your hands. It is entirely shock resistant and reduces vibration while riding. This grip is made using Kraton rubber offering excellent glove traction. It can be used ideally for both standard and oversized ATVs.


  • Highly easy to install
  • Made with Kraton rubber
  • Low profile design
  • Lightweight


  • Shock and vibration absorption
  • Soft and gentle on hands
  • Small squares on the exterior for additional support and comfort


  • Not durable
  • Not ideal for your long-distance trip
  • Huge in diameter


Heat Demon ATV Clamp-on Heated Grip

If you are among those riders who love to ride all through the seasons, then you probably need something that can safeguard your hands in extreme weather conditions. The chilly winds and the freezing temperature can create discomfort in your riding endeavors. Hence you need to purchase an ATV grip that can provide grip all through the seasons. With Heat Demon ATV Heated grips, you can now say goodbye to the frozen hands and welcome, comfortable grip.

It has one silicone thumb warmer along with two heated clamps on that will keep your hands warm in the cold. This ATV grip also has a Quad Zone controller making it easier to regulate the heat. These grips are ideally designed for ATVs with 7/8-inch handlebars. Heat Demon ATV grips are also easy to install, and it comes with a maximum wattage of 45 watts at 14 volts. Though they are slim, they are not perfect larger hands due to their heavyweight.


  • Ideal for 7/8- inch handlebars
  • Quad Zone controller for regulating the heat
  • 54 wattage at 14 volts


  • Two heated clamps on grips
  • One silicone thumb warmer
  • Pressure washing resistance
  • Keeps hands and fingers warm


  • Quad zone can be slightly non-durable
  • Not good for large hands
  • Doesn’t have wiretaps


Scott Sports Black Radial ATV Grips

When you are looking for quality ATV grips that can provide the best value for your money, then you can probably think about Scott Sports grips that are a cut above the rest. Super comfortable and easy to install you can choose Scott Sports over any other products anytime. They are highly durable and specifically designed for reducing the vibration and slip from the handlebars.

It comes with a built-in safety wire channel, so you don’t have to worry about your safety while holding the handlebar. These hand grips are also equipped with deep grooves that promote enhanced grip. It is a waffle pattern-based ATV grips that will provide you ultimate grip on the handlebars. This ATV grip has been used for decades and tried and tested multiple times before it reaches to the final customer.


  • Radial Waffle pattern grip
  • Ideally designed for 7/8-inch handlebars
  • In-built safety wire channel
  • Best for motorcycles and ATVs


  • Easy to install on the handlebars
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable and ideal for all ATVs


  • Can be rough on hands
  • Not durable for long trips


ODI ATV Rogue Lock-on Grip

ODI is a renowned manufacturing company that has been producing motorcycle parts for the last 25 years. Their credibility is clearly showcased through the products they provide to their end customer. All the products are tested to assure durability and comfort. ODI has been long providing ATV grips with high slip resistance and great performance. It is an innovative lock-on grip that will provide you with a superior hold on the handlebar.

The ATV grip also has a rugged, elevated and tread pattern that promotes enhanced traction of the grip. Easy to install and durable, these ATV grips are also affordable than the other grips in the market. The raised pads are suitable for shock resistance and a better grip. If you are indulged on terrain ides, you must think about Odi ATV Rogue Lock-on Grip. It also has rubber grooves to keep the dust and mud away from the grip.


  • Raised pads
  • Shock absorption with a tread pattern
  • Ideal for rocky terrain
  • Suitable for both ATVs and motorcycles


  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Rubber grooves to prevent dust accumulation


  • Rubber can be peeled off easily
  • Grips can get stiff after some time
  • Thick lock rings won’t get clamped on the outer bars


Western Power Sports Heated Grip

If you are going to ride in freezing weather, you would need some ATV grips that can keep you warm and support a comfortable grip. Heated grips are the ideal choice to make for such conditions. They are ideally designed for longer rides in extreme weather conditions. Western Power Sports Heated Grip is a perfect choice you can make your purchase fruitful. They are made with high-quality rubber and are highly resistant to cracking and low temperature. It has sealed controls that will definitely enhance your riding experience along with giving you the required comfort while riding.

They are easy to install, replace and maintain, you won’t need any additional mechanism to get through its installation. These heated ATVs can warm up steadily so that it won’t consume your ATVs power. They are ideally designed for long rides and easily fit into almost all handlebars. You can easily remove the heated grips when not in use and replace them with standard ATV grips. So, if you are looking for an ideal heated ATV grip, Western Sports is something that you can think about.


  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to low temperature
  • Designed with high-quality rubber


  • Warms up steadily with the engine
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Keep your hands warm throughout the ride


  • Quite heavier compared to other
  • A little heavy on the pocket


Scott Radial Black ATV handlebar Grips

Yet another Scott Sports that have garnered the list of best ATV grip is the Scott Radial Black ATV Handlebar grips. They are quality tested and designed for comfort and safety. The craftsmanship of the manufacturers can be evidently seen in this ATV grips. It is patterned waffle grip that is ideal for 7/8-inch handlebars of ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles. The grip offers easy installation on the handlebars. You don’t need to visit your garage to get installed.

If you have rubbing alcohol or grip adhesive, you can do it on your own. They have well-planted cushions that will keep your hands sweat-free. The grip is also shock and vibration resistant. It is a great ATV grip for rocky terrain rides. Scott Radial Black ATV Handlebar grip can provide you with the required grip and comfort while riding your power-packed ATVs. Another great thing about this ATV grip is that it is lightweight, making it easier to handle and maintain. Affordable by all means, this Scott Sports product is definitely one of the best ATV grips in the market.


  • Waffle pattern grip
  • Ideal for ATVs and motorbikes having 7/8-inch handlebars
  • Shock and vibration resistant


  • Easy to install ad maintain
  • Cushioned hands
  • Designed for rocky terrain rides


  • Doesn’t have a heating system
  • Quite big for small ATVs


ATV Grips Are The Ideal Companion for A Safe ATV Ride

Riding on ATVs can be all fun and exciting if you have the right products to ensure your safety. Among all the safety gears that you need to use while riding on ATVs, ATV grips are one of the important products that you need to buy. ATV grips are affixed on the handlebars for a superior grip and hold, making it easier to control the steering. Te sweat and mud can make you lose the grip on the handlebars. Hence, ATV grips are installed to provide you with a flexible and comfortable hold on the handlebars for a long.

It is necessary to invest in quality ATV grips that can best serve your purpose and provide you with a superior hold on the handlebars. There are plenty of ATV grips available in the market designed according to different purposes and riding styles. The above mentioned was a complete guide for making the best purchase.

The best ATV grips mentioned above would help you make a well-informed decision when you are out shopping for the ATV grips. You can also compare these best picks and ascertain which one would be ideal for you. The best ATV grip depends on the riders riding style and grip requirements. Hence, it totally depends on you to choose the perfect ATV grips that best adheres to your needs.

Don’t compromise with your safety by settling for the less. Understand the importance of ATV grips, do your research, and get hands-on with perfect ATV grips before you start riding on your ATV.