24 Best ATV Accessories You Need Today

No matter how many hours you spend maintaining your ATV every week, this little beast can always do better with a little more attention. Yes, adding accessories to your ATV will not only enhance its appearance, but they will also strengthen its performance too. And who doesn’t want better mileage, faster speed, more comfortable ride, and a lot more by simply adding a couple of accessories to it!

The unbelievable advantages of accessorizing the ATVs have to lead to an explosion of ATV accessories in the market. Today, everyone can find thousands of products online and offline which can make your dirt bike a dream for many. Here are a few that you should get your hands on without any delay.

The Essential ATV Accessories you must try

  • Seat Protectors
  • Phone Holder
  • ATV Covers
  • Battery Charger
  • Loading Ramps
  • Winch
  • Goggles
  • Sound System
  • Cargo Carriers
  • Front Baskets
  • ATV Saddle Bags
  • LED Light Bars
  • Aftermarket Speedometers
  • Heated Grips
  • Mirrors
  • Thumb Assist
  • Ratchet Straps
  • Water Bottles
  • Dry Box
  • Cup Holder
  • Face Masks and Gloves
  • Packs
  • Gun Racks
  • Trailer Hitch

Seat Protectors

ATV manufacturers offer every possible thing they can to make your ride more comfortable for the price. However, if you don’t think that the seat of your bike is comfortable enough, you can always make it better by adding some seat covers. In such cases, we suggest that you opt for some padded seat covers so that they can absorb some of the impacts of bumpy rides.

Another reason why you should buy seat covers is when your seats are comfortable but you want to protect them from all the dust, dirt, and moisture. Here, the non-padded seat covers will also help. Apart from protecting the seat, they will also hide them in case the top layer of your original covers has become torn.

Seat covers by MadDog are quite popular amongst ATV enthusiasts nowadays and, rightly so, because they serve as cheap insurance for your ride.

Phone Holder

The rough terrains you ride your ATV on can be cruel at times and, hence, become a reason for many severe accidents. In most cases, the mishaps occur when the riders try to check on their mobile phones while riding. Therefore, you should use both of your hands while riding and the best ATV accessories that can help you concentrate are phone holders.

A phone holder or mount can be fixed on top of the handles to act as the third hand holding your phone. They come in handy when you are using the GPS on the phone to find your way or as the speedometer. Remember, the mount should be strong, spring-based, and well-designed to hold on perfectly even on a bumpy trail.

RAM Mount Cradle is the preferred choice of the riders nowadays because of its sturdy, stainless steel built and intelligent design.

ATV Covers

Not everyone can afford the luxury of parking their ATV inside the garage. Therefore, when parking the ATV outside, one should at least give it enough protection from elements like rain and snow. They can cause mould to grow on your ATV and ruin your ride forever. Another scare for the dirt bikes is the sun as its scorching heat can beat the plastic of your ATV and fade its shine.

The Ultimate ATV Covers by Badass Moto are the solution you are looking for here because they are designed with waterproof covers which can hold any ATV well. Also, the material is long-lasting and has multiple zipper panels so that you do not have to remove them completely to access the gas tank, handle bars, and the key. Furthermore, you need not worry about another car driving into your ATV in the dark because the bright radium stripes on the cover make its placement quite evident even in low visibility.

Battery Charger

Of all ATV attachments, the one that you will use the most is perhaps the battery charger. Therefore, you are advised to keep a spare charger in the garage so that it can come in handy when your current charger gives up. This is crucial because the battery of an ATV can die really quick and the lack of a charger will require you to pull start. Now, you do not want to go through the hassle of idling or riding the ATV for long just to recharge the battery.

Hooking up the battery to a charger might sound like an easy but lazy job. Then again, it would be foolish not to utilize an opportunity to save time when it’s right there! So, you can invest in a Battery Tender Junior which is portable and offers 12-volt performance. The smart charging system in the charger is coupled with LED indicators to tell you when the battery level is low and when it has reached full.

Loading Ramps

Loading an ATV on the truck is a cakewalk with a yard trailer. However, not everyone has one and it is foolish to invest in it just for loading the ATV. Then again, you do need some tool through which you can load your bike on the truck to enjoy riding it on diverse terrains. Therefore, we would suggest investing in loading ramps.

Loading ramps are inexpensive yet effective tools to load and unload the ATV from the back of the truck. All you need to be careful about is that they have to be in accordance with the size and height of your ATV.

The new and experienced riders both rely upon the timeless TITAN 7.5 feet aluminum ramps. They are perfectly angled and available in various sizes to help you love your dirt bike more every day.


Depending upon the severity of the terrains you like to speed upon, a winch is a fair investment because you do not want to lose your ATV to trails. They are well-engineered to help you pull out your ATV from the densest of terrains without much hassle. All you need is a gear to mount these winches on your ATV and you are good to go!

The winch we would recommend spending upon is Superwinch Terra which sports a sturdy built with an all-steel three-stage planetary gear. The material helps it work flawlessly even in rough weather conditions. You can mount the steel drum on the bike with the mounting gear and use the handlebar to pull the rope. In case of a power surge, the dynamic braking system will protect you against the rope slippage.


When on a rough terrain, riding a dirt bike, you should ensure your safety first. Well, safety can be easily compromised upon just because of the loss of visibility while riding. Therefore, it is advised to wear safety goggles while riding the ATV.

Moreover, the individuals with a prescription who rely on either contact lenses or glasses for the accuracy of their vision should also get customized goggles made. In this way, they can ensure that no unwanted dirt, debris, and air gets into their eyes and they can ride safely through the rough and smooth terrains.

Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles are considered ideal for the job by many because they offer protection from the UV rays, are windproof, and do not let dust or fog settle on them for long.

Sound System

Yes, we might sound crazy to some but for others this recommendation is gold. If you love to carry your music everywhere, blasting it on your phone while you are driving might not be a good enough choice since cellphones aren’t waterproof. However, the all-terrain sound systems that are specially designed for your ATV are weather proof and will help you rock the trail with your tunes.

Our recommendation here would be the trendy sound system by Sound Storm. It is an all-terrain, two-in-one speaker which can be connected with your phone through Bluetooth so that you can stream music from all popular streaming apps. Not to forget the auxiliary connection you can establish with the smartphones and other MP3 players. Moreover, the frequency response is of 45 to 25,000 hertz so that you can plug into nirvana with these speakers.

Cargo Carriers

Cargo carriers, though not necessary, serve as one of the best ATV accessories for the riders who like to carry their stuff with them when out on a ride. May it be the beer coolers or the battery chargers; you need the cargo carriers to fit them. However, make sure that the carriers are well mounted on the trailer hitch and are not wider than your ATV.

If your cargo carriers are broader than your ATV, then they will stick out, look weird, and can obstruct its performance. Also ensure that the carriers are high enough to protect them from striking against the trail when you are riding. You can check out some affordable options online.

Front Baskets

Extra storage space is always welcome on a dirt bike because there is a lot of gear to be carried along in case of a contingency. Therefore, a front basket by Guide Gear will come in handy when it is attached to the front of your dirt bike. Riders like the product because it is an ATV attachment with 16-guage steel tubing that is powder coated to prevent corrosion due to extreme weather conditions.

You can have the front basket installed by an expert so that the metal doesn’t rattle while you ride.

ATV Saddle Bags

If you are one of the explorers who like to take their ATV out for enjoying the sunset at the cliff, then you need saddle bags to back you up. While the front and cargo carriers can hold your gear and solid objects, you need a more protected and enclosed space for the soda cans, water bottles, snacks, camera, and binoculars. Hence, you should invest in a pair of ergonomically designed saddle bags.

American Trails ATV Saddle Bags are recommended here because they have heavily padded compartments which will protect your eatables from damage even on bumpy terrains. The five adjustment straps make the bags fit for most bikes with varying tank configurations too.


Mostly, rear view mirrors are absent in the ATVs by default. But that doesn’t stop you from installing them later as add-on accessories. We would advise you to consider installing them because they are crucial for your safety as they will enable you to see what is coming behind you. It is a strict violation of your own safety if you turn around while driving as it can disrupt your balance and cause injuries.

Moreover, the ATV aftermarket mirrors are easy to mount on the handles as they come with clamps that can be clutched on the handles. Kolpin ATV Mirror and Mount is one product several ATV enthusiasts swear by for the safety and ease of installation they offer.

LED Light Bars

We are sure that you paid for the headlights on your ATV for your safety while on the vehicle. But, if these headlights give up or lose their efficiency after few days of use, you might end up in an accident. The major reason behind it is that most manufacturers use thin gauge wire to draw power for the headlights which can cause the circuit to trip pretty soon. Plus, the old technology to house the headlights used by the manufacturers is ineffective and an open invitation to an accident.

Therefore, we would recommend using a LED bar to install it in front your ATV. The light they emit is much higher than that of halogen lights and require less power which the thin guage wires can easily supply. The minimized requirement of power also makes them perfect for smaller ATVs which run on smaller batteries and alternators.

You can opt for Nilight NI06A-72W for your ATV which comes with a combo of Flood and Spot lighting to protect your quad from accidents in low visibility trails.

Aftermarket Speedometers

ATV enthusiasts are often speed junkies who want to try themselves on how fast they can stride on the trails. However, most ATVs do not come with a dedicated speedometer which can help you determine how fast you actually went. To fix this issue, you can install an aftermarket speedometer on the handlebars of your ATV.

Make sure that you use a good quality mounting gear to install the speedometer on the bikes or else it would fall and you might lose it forever. The speedometer by Trailtech is specially designed for the off-roading beasts with weather proof coating so that they can ride in the extreme conditions as well. It also includes odometer and tachometer so that you can study the overall performance of the bike along with its fuel efficiency and tire rotations.

Moreover, you can connect the device with an app in your phone so that you can analyse the performance of your ATV better.

Heated Grips

Another ATV attachment that you can do without but should not is the heated grips, especially if you are planning to ride on a freezing cold trail anytime soon. Winters can render your ATV cold and this affects your hands the most because the handlebars have to be held continuously. While you can use gloves to protect your hands for a while, their heat can only save you for some hours. You will again feel cold when you are riding back home.

Therefore, it would be incredibly comfortable if you invest in a pair of heated grips. They can be installed on top of the handlebars and get warmed up within the flip of a switch.

However, only consider them if the snow allows you to ride in winters because heated grips can be pretty expensive and set you back by 50-150 dollars. Heated Demon 215047 is a clamp on heated grip which will allow you to get around on your ATV even in chilly winters.

Thumb Assist

Often, the throttle control of the ATVs, though present, is quite small for the thumb to reach. This can be a reason for accidents especially when you use it to control speed on dire terrains and children cannot possibly maintain pressure on this. Hence, investing in a larger thumb throttle is a great option here since it will allow you to apply pressure on the throttle and control the speed of the dirt bike without much ado.

Coleman MadDog Gear ATV Thumb Assist Control is one of the universal thumb throttles which can be installed easily by simply unscrewing the existing throttle.

Ratchet Straps

While hauling the ATV, the risk of losing the balance can scare the riders who claim to be experienced too. Therefore, it is important to have a pair of strong ratchet straps if you are required to move your ATV in the trucks a lot. They only cost somewhere around $40 and will save you your expensive ATV.

The ratchet set by Badass Moto has caught the eye of several ATV enthusiasts as it is built with extra strong material, is easy to use, and the straps are soft so they won’t scratch the pain off your ATV. Moreover, the hatchet gear will also last longer with the safety round edges and the hooks that will stay put always.

Water Bottles

Well, this recommendation might sound bizarre to you but having water bottles handy while you are testing a challenging trail is important. We are talking about two water bottles here because you need one vacuum-insulated bottle and one filtration bottle on your journey.

The vacuum insulated bottle will help you keep your beverage hot or cold all day long when you are out on a ride far from home. This is crucial because you need something you warm you up on a cold day and cold water to rejuvenate you on a hot summer day. These bottles can be a little expensive but are certainly worth every penny you spend on them.

The filtration bottles are a must-have for your ATV because they come in handy during the emergency situations when you are out of water. You can use these to filter the water that you find in a stream of a lake nearby. Water from these sources is fresh and portable only when it is filtered, else it will make you sick.

Dry Box

Whether or not you frequent the muddy and watery routes on your ATRV, having a dry box in the rear storage of your ATV is a must. This is because we tend to carry a lot of electronics such as mobile phones, cameras, chargers, and other equipment on us everywhere. Well, no one likes losing their expensive electronics to some moisture that entered the regular storage.

Hence, you should invest in a quality dry box which will keep your belongings protected even in heavy rains. Moreover, they are not very expensive as compared to other ATV accessories and one dry box of 15-20 dollars can last you a lifetime if you store it well in your ATV.

Plano 131252 Dry Storage Marine Box is one product that is leading the charts on popular online retail websites due to the comfort of use and top-notch functionality it offers.

Cup Holder

No matter where you are taking your ATV, there is no reason why you should leave your booze behind. If you do not have enough scope of storage on your ATV in the front and rear and the trip is not long enough for carrying saddle bags, you can always invest in a good-old cup holder.

RAM Level Cup Holder is a great option in terms of design because it comes equipped with a handlebar that can be easily attached to the handles of any vehicle. Also, it is a universal size so that you do not have to go looking for a new holder every time you switch your ATV. However, it costs somewhere around 35-40 dollars which is a substantial price to pay for an accessory which isn’t adding much to the functionality.

Face Masks and Gloves

Long gone are the days when a simple bandana or ski mask served the purpose of riding with face covered for the riders. Today, winter wind is not the only concern of the riders. Nowadays, apart from protection from the chilly winter wind, the riders need face mast to protect them from dust, dirt, and debris too. Furthermore, they want something that can help their facial tissues retain moisture. Therefore, the cool face masks available on the internet are a must-have for all ATV riders. They will retain moisture, repel dust, and allow you to breathe as your ride.

When speaking of protection from chilly winter wind and dirt, one cannot ignore the well-being of one’s hands since they are exposed to these perils too. Therefore, you should invest in a good pair of gloves that can tolerate the pressure your hands take while riding the ATV.


Apart from saddle bags, you can also use packs to store your belongings, food items, and more when riding the ATV. They can be easily attached to the seat and sit on the rear seat rack so that you don’t have to let go off the gear lying in your other storage spaces. Moreover, it works as an additional seat for the pillion rider as the padded bottom of the packs is comfortable.

The Padded Bottom Bag by Coleman for ATVs is a hit amongst the riders because of its ergonomic design and comfortable padding. However, $70 for a storage pack might sound expensive to many.

Gun Racks

Most ATV enthusiasts like to combine their excursions with another hobby which is often hunting. Now that you have a utility ATV, there is no reason why you shouldn’t hunt with it. However, you don’t have to have your gun bouncing on your back or clanking around in one of your cargo storage. So, we would suggest you to invest in a sturdy gun rack to hold your gun in place as you steer your ATV through tough terrains.

The gun racks, such as those by Kolpin Rhino Grip, are well-designed to keep the vibrations to minimum so that you can aim well and reduce the chances of misfires.

Trailer Hitch

If you are looking for the best ATV accessory to attach your bike to the trailer, then you need to invest in a strong gripped trailer hitch. CURT 45006 is an affordable choice amongst trailer hitches as it is a versatile receiver, allowing a wide variety of accessories to be attached to the ATV for towing. The absence of swivel ensures that the attachment stays intact when the bolt is tightened to the tongue. Moreover, the welded D-ring allows a straight-lined pull for better functioning. Although there are more options available in the market, this one is tried and tested by several ATV riders.

The above accessories and attachments will certainly enhance your ATV riding experience. However, some of you might not need all of them and others, none at all.  The list doesn’t convey all there is to the ATV market because new options are coming up every day and might serve the purpose you are worried about.